Anaplan Way - The Four cornerstones

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Anaplan Way - The Four cornerstones


I am in Anaplan Way and just viewed the Lesson two ( four cornerstones).  I have listened to Simon Tucker, Chief Customer Officer.  He talks in the order of Model, Data, Process and Deployment and explains each cornerstone.  However, my concern is in the learning material the order of the four cornerstones are Process, Data, Model and Deployment.  Is there a specific order?




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Re: Anaplan Way - The Four cornerstones


I don't think there is really an order, albeit in timing, but even that can be discussed what's the right timing. Process first, then data/model and finally deployment ?
The point of the Anaplan way is that the SA/builder/Project team should be thinking about these 4 at the start of the project, all together, especially deployment, even if it might be far in the future.

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Re: Anaplan Way - The Four cornerstones




Very good question.


There is no such order but these all four cornerstones needs to be discussed, reviewed and thought through in all the phases of The Anaplan Way (TAW) i..e, Pre Release Phase, Foundations, Implementations, Testing & Deployment.  This in not one time activity, it needs to be done at every stage. 


Here are the activities that should think of in the latter 4 phases of the Delivery Process. 

Foundations Phase


Implementations Phase


Testing Phase



Deployment Phase


P.S: Don't get confused with Deployment Phase and Deployment Corner Stone. They refer to two diff things here.


Hope that helps