Anaplan consultant daily fees in NY-US

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Anaplan consultant daily fees in NY-US

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I am Lassad, an Anaplan Consultant in France. I have a client that would like to know how much consulting firms in US (precisely in NY) charge for an average Anaplan Consultant per day. I look forward to having your answers.


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Tough question, actually. I'm sure you can guess the answer will depend on the level of Anaplan expertise needed as well as the level of business knowledge required. Some US firms, NY too, have the ability to offshore the work so it greatly affects the rate too. Generally, speaking an entry-level consultant from a US based consulting firm for a US based consultant (not an independent) will charge between $90-$150/hr. As the experience requirements progress this rate will go between $180 to $280/hr. Keep in mind these are just ranges, maybe 1 std deviation (70%).

Best way to get the rates is to just pick from the list of Anaplan Partners and ask them to give you a bid.

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