August 11 & 18, 2018 Release Discussion

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August 11 & 18, 2018 Release Discussion

Do you have feedback on the August 11 & 18, 2018 Anaplan platform releases? Share your thoughts below!

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I will preface with saying I think all of the updates have been great and exactly what the user base has been asking for so I love the fact that Anaplan listens to it's community. However there is one (and only this one) single feature that would be wonderful to have changed. I'm not certain when it was added but in Anaplan when logged into models, at the very top and center there is the "Anaplan" logo. When you click on this it takes you back to the list of models in the space. When model building it is extremely easy to click on this accidentally and have to re-open what you were working on or lose unsaved changes in dashboards. I humbly ask that Anaplan take a look into potentially moving this link. It's a very small change but it would make a difference. I'm certain that other builders or architects are clicking on this as well.

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@Pat_Desmond not quite throwing the laptop in anger but nearly!

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Hi Andrew,  you may have seen my response to Pat already -- but thank you as well for your feedback. 


As I told Pat, this is a known issue that is undergoing investigation and we are looking into other solutions. Once we have more information we will put it on our Upcoming Features page.


Thank you!!


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Hi Pat,


Thank you so much for your feedback, it is a gift! It is a known issue that is undergoing investigation for the best ways to solve and implement. We are looking into solutions to replace this navigation experience. Once we have insight regarding timeline and rollout we will put it on our Upcoming Features page.


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