Can module 'Applies To' have multiple lists from the same hierarchy?

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Can module 'Applies To' have multiple lists from the same hierarchy?

I have created Line Item subsets and certain modules for filters for other modules. My ultimate goal is to assign different line items to different list items (across the hierarchy as well). I have P1 Product Lines, P2 Product Families, and P3 Product Names. I have module D07 which shows how many slots each of P2 Family uses. I am trying to make calculations with the data but I can't because when writing a formula I can't reference list items, I can only reference line items. I am using this filtering method to assign certain line items to certain list items, but I can only do it to one Product list instead of multiple like I want (P1 and P2). Is there a way to set the 'Applies To' tab in the module blue print view to multiple lists of the same hierarchy? That way my filtering method can also apply to the P1 Product Lines List because I need the 'Total Products' as a variable for my formula. 


For more info, see where you can see filtering method I am using. 



Seems to me you can just use system modules that contains the filtering you need. Then combine the filters at the level of your module so it applies only to the levels within the hierarchy you want. This is typically done on the time hierarchy where you want to see certain weeks, months, for example, but not the quarters that they belong to.

@Mark_W_Shemaria has a terrific post on how to manage Booleans along a common hierarchy.


Jared Dolich