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Capture username/timestamp for change to Line Items

Hi all 


If there is a module where user makes changes to data for a line item, what is the best way to capture the Last Modified Date and Last Modified By information for that Line Item?

We can always ask the user to enter their name and date separate line items when they modify anything, but is there a way to automate this? 

When they modify the data in one line item, Line Items Modified By and Modified Date should be populated automatically. I have not been able to find functions that could do this. 




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Re: Capture username/timestamp for change to Line Items


There is no way in Anaplan to do this currently. The closest thing is the inbuilt history feature using which you can right click on any (non-formula) cell and using the show history feature, view the exact changes made. However, there is no way to get this data into another line item.


The only workaround is the solution you mentioned, whereby the users enter this information themselves