Certification 102 closed by mistake

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Certification 102 closed by mistake

Hi there,


I was near the end of the Certification 102 module and I closed the tab by mistake.

I had answered all the questions as far as "Security" so I opened up the Certification Project again and went straight to the Security section and answered the questions but it seems all my prior questions were no taken into account as I got a 10% score on the project. Please tell me we can fix this! 😉


Re: Certification 102 closed by mistake

I believe you just need to restart the certification process.  Unfortunately, the learning center doesn't save a session when you close the tab.  If you have further questions, you should contact the Academy team, at   This is the advice from the Academy team from the Academy homepage:

ONLINE BEST PRACTICE  Please complete each course in one sitting. If that is not possible, please exit your course before leaving your computer or switching to another task. Your browser connection to the Learning Center will time out if you are inactive for 30 minutes or more. Your laptop may go to sleep between 15-30 minutes of inactivity depending on your power settings. Your progress within a course may not be recorded properly. BEST PRACTICE: take a screenshot of your completion page at the end of the course in case your connection has timed out.

Chris Schulze
Solution Architect