Classic dashboard V/s New UX Pages.

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Classic dashboard V/s New UX Pages.

What is Major difference between Classic dashboard & New Ux. Could You anyone help.

Thanks in advance.

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@sarathkumar New UX is a great new addition to Anaplan Platform. I would suggest you go through the training course to get the details about the New UX and as per Anaplan, New UX is the way forward creating better reporting and dashboarding experience for business users 

New UX Courses link:


You might want to go through the feedback posted by the community members:




Some of the major differences:


1. Nux is more intuitive, look n feel is geat.

2. Nux has its own ALM capabilities

3. In Nux we cant open the source module directly from the pages/dashboards

4. In Nux We cant use Assign, Copy Branch and Delete branch functions

5. In Nux you can lock the grids without using DCA

6. Copy across and Copy down fucntionlity is missing in Nux

7. In Nux an app can come from multiple underlying models

8. Nux has specific cards for Kpis, texts, grids etc. Within these cards you can customize the layout by vibrant colors/hex colors and do some cool conditional formatting

9. Off lately Management reporting dashboards was released in Nux for top class reporting

10. Easy to create pages/ dashboards



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Thanks for highlighting these..


- Muizz. Pune India.

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