Clear Large Amount of Data

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Clear Large Amount of Data

Good Afternoon,


I hope someone can help, so far it has taken me over 2 hours to clear out a large amount of data in a module (more than 500000 cells). Is there any quick way of doing it? I still got 7 more to clear data from.


For some reason when importing data in Anaplan, it did not clear out all data before the import, which had caused figures mismatch.


Any help or advice is welcome.


Thanks in advance.




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For 'quick and easy' manual data removal you can type an '=0' into numeric line items to zero out data, then remove the '=0' formula.


Also please see this article for more in depth solutions.








As Chris alluded to, in your import definition, change the radio button on the upper righthand side to to All instead of matched.










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As @ChrisStauffer said to place 0 in the forumla for numeric formatted cell, you can also blank the cell for text or list formatted Line Item by placing "blank" in the formula.

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I suggest you do some deep analysis of this error.


It seems like you have performed this import function earlier, & you didn't faced any issues then. If that is the case, then try to figure out what makes it different this time. Any new recent changes made which you are not aware of.

Typically, what worked earlier should work now as well unless someone has made any changes in the tool or the data which you are importing.


If this is the first time its happening, then check the import mapping especially (clear data modules). Run these modules manually, check for deviation.

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You could also create a "clear" action if there is a specific day in your process when you need the data to be cleared out and not after every file upload. You can achieve this by creating a similar module with "No Data" format for the line item. Then in target module create an import action that pulls from the newly created module.
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i just love the feature of adding formula '=0' in number formatted item and '=BLANK' in text line items to quickly delete the complete dataset for a line item. It is amazing!!!! 


Don't forget to remove the 0 or BLANK formulas once the data is cleared. 🙂