Color coding in List

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Color coding in List

Hi All

We have created Versions as a list. Users would like to see different colors for all three versions - Actual, budget and forecast while seeing/entering number in new UX. Apart from Conditional formatting is there better way to achieve this.



Dipan Chowdhury



Great question. Actually, this is the second time someone has asked about this. As of my knowledge today, I do not know of a way to set cell formatting without using conditional formatting. In addition, there is currently no way of formatting the headers.

That being said, if you can live with cell formatting, then I would suggest using conditional formatting, especially in the New UX. Just remember to use a custom view, not a saved view.

Also, I found this great idea posted by @m.angeles11 you can add your particular use-case to the comments. I also upvoted it to help with the counts.


Jared Dolich