Copy Across data


Copy Across data



I have Costcenters list and user entering data for one cost center in a dashboard and user wants to copy same data to other cost center 

How to do give such option to user in dashboards?






We'd definitely need more information, screenshot and blue print of the module would help, but to answer in general terms.

> [EASY] Copy Across/Copy Down: Requires Cost Center to be on either rows or columns. You'd have to teach the user to 1) Right Click-"Show" pertinent Cost Center (copy-from CC and Copy-to CC's), 2) Highlight cells to be copied, and 3) Edit > Copy Across/Copy Down

> [EASY] Classic Control C-Control V: limited of course by number of cells.

> [Effortful] Create a Copy action. Have user input line items to drop down both the copy-from Cost Center and copy-to Cost Center. Prepare a saved view filtering the copy-from Cost Center information, plus the line item with the copy-to Cost Center. Create an import from this saved view to the Input Module.

> [Business Process Improvement] Consider creating profiles with the information needed (same input line items as the input module), but on a different list that is not cost center. Users can then map a Cost Center to a profile and information can be looked-up from the profile


Hi @rolympia 


Please find the attachment.

I have Cost centers list on rows and Accounts list on columns.So for one costcenter , selecting driver for each account and need to copy the same data to remaining Costcenters.

Is there any way other than Ctrl C ,Ctrl V?




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Hi @tejaswini ,


You can try below approach:


1. Create one system module for the selection of Cost center


2. Create one more without Cost center dimension & other dimension with be same as your input module.


Write a formula pointing to your Input module, here 

INP_Cost Center by Account.SKF Selection[LOOKUP: SYS_ Selection.Cost Center Selection]


3. Create a new module which is same as your input module and write a formula pointing to step 2 module.


Now this is your formula driven module, here I have create one save view to import the data to our Input module by applying one filter cost center <> sys_selection->cost center (even not required, it will override the same data)

4. Create an Import action to transfer the same data to input module.


After import:




Note: This approach will depend on the size of your input module because we are duplicating one module.


Hope this helps






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I think Akhtar's solution would be the best path forward.
Creating the system module for costcenter selection and using the import functionality should work great.