Count items in a list

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Count items in a list


I want to do something that seems simple, i have a list (Complaint list), and it has a field (text) called custRef which is not unique.

I am in another module and when a user enters a CustRef (text field) i want to then count how many times that appears in the Complaint list.


As the CustRef is not from a list, and just a text field I am a little stuck?





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Re: Count items in a list

Hi Developer CYT,


Perhaps you can refer to


and see if it does the job. You'll need to modify a bit to make it work for you, but the general idea should be similar.




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Re: Count items in a list

Hi @DeveloperCYT,

as suggested in the post shared by @LipChean_Soh , you see that you could consider making CustRef a list formatted line item rather than free text, especially if you are starting to report on it.


In a text field, you could easily have typos or different ways to reference the same customer (i.e. adding Inc or Ltd at the end or not...).


Obviously, I don't know exactly your requirements so you may have a reason to keep it as text. If that's the case, you can share it and we can see how to approach it.




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Re: Count items in a list

Hi DeveloperCYT,

Hope I understand you issue correctly - you have a text formatted property in a Complaint list called CustRef, and you want to see how often the value entered by user is found in this property.

To do so please create a Comp Module that has Complaint list as dimension, it will have two line items:

  1. CustRef - text formatted - picks up value from CustRef property of the list
  2. Count CustRef - number formatted - formula: IF CustRef = Input Module.CustRef THEN 1 ELSE 0

You will also have an Input Module with two line items:

  1. CustRef - text formatted - used for user input
  2. Count Occurrences - number formatted - formula: Comp Module.Count CustRef

Your Complaint list must have a top level for this to work

Best regards,