Create Hierarchial list using import

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Create Hierarchial list using import


I am trying to create a list as shown in the attached image. Here i have'nt created the seperate list for 5804 (which is like parent list). To avoid sparsity & size constrain, i am trying to create parent & child list in the same list. I know how to create in the tool for less items. Can someone tell me how to use Import data to create such list with bulk data.






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Re: How to automatically delete old child members in the hierarchy?



When managing hierarchies using automation, I usually use the following guidelines:

  • When deleting items from a list, I only use automation if I'm 1000% confident that deleting items will not result in deleted data.
    • If there is any risk of data loss, then deleting items should be a manual task performed periodically by a SME
  • Assuming I'm ok with deleting using an automated process, then:
    • If I'm refreshing a list from a data hub (or other source) and there's no risk of data lost (such as with an Alternate Hierarchy, or a hierarchy based on an attribute), then I'll delete the whole hierarchy and rebuild it from scratch (to the extent appropriate) using Delete & Import Actions.
    • If I need to be more surgical in my deleing, I'll work to dynamically identify the items I want to delete.  This might be via a data stamp, or looking at one or more attributes (such as a lack of activity), or it might be based on an end-user checkbox.