Create budget line item description

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Create budget line item description

Looking to create line item description for budgeting spend of a particular spend category. E.g. Spend Category "Consulting" has 5 lines with different names on the contractors, Spend Category "Marketing" has 10 lines with different names of the events. Also, want to have free lines where the business partners can enter the description as they fell appropriate. Any suggestions on how to do it?? Thanks for the help!!

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Are you trying to put all these in the same module? I would recommend to use numbered list with Spend Category as Parent of the numbered list. You can then add 5 items under Consulting and 10 items under Marketing. You could link the Display property as formula to a module with Text formatted line item.


If you are not familiar with how to use Numbered List, use the following link as your reference. 


Let me know if it is helpful.