Creating line item subset


Creating line item subset

Level 1 model builder training module - Creating a line subset section.


Before jumping to the next session the training module sats subset #E2 Employees need to be created and to be shown as the above image.

I have created the subset but in my lists & rollups section subset is not showing up. Am I doing something wrong ?please help on this

My Launchpad image:








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Re: Creating line item subset

Hi @kunal_311 ,


When you create the subset of List it will not show in the "Lists and Roll-ups" section but if want to see the subset then go to Grid View Tab of the list you will be able to find subset as boolean check. it will show Line Item subset only.







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Re: Creating line item subset

Hi @kunal_311 -


I did my Level 1 Model building certification very long back, i am little confused with your question.


There are 2 subsets in Anaplan

1. List Subset

2. Line item Subset


List subset

List subsets are lists that contain a selection of items from a larger list.

(in short i can say it as List within a list) - Mini List



Line item Subset

A line item subset is a list of items drawn from one or more module line items.


In Level 1 - they asked you to create List subset, not Line item subset





Yes, subsets won't be visible under Lists and Roll-ups, i will be shown on grid view of your general list (which you have have shared - 3rd image)


BUT Yes, You can see subsets below list,

                         when you are creating a module where you want to choose which list should be the dimension of the module.






All in 1 word - You are in right track, no mistake.



All the best.



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