Current Day

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Current Day

Actually we have a module that includes a column with dates, and we want that Anaplan identifies if a date from the column has passed or not yet. 

For that we have created a line item, and we would like the logic behind the formula to be something like this:

IF the date (from the column) is prior to the date (current day) THEN 1 ELSE 0. 


Is there a way that Anaplan recognizes the current date? As a date or as a boolean, doesn't matter. 

Puneeth H P
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Hi @Cristina 


In Anaplan, you can define whether it is a current month/year. 

If you use condition CURRENTPERIODSTART() gives the current month/year in which the line item is in format with. 
Hope this helps. 



Puneeth HP

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@Cristina - there isn't currently a native function to identify the current date, though has been requested on the Idea Exchange and I believe is on the roadmap. 


Below is a resource for how one user has created a workaround to automate a process to populate the current date using Cloudworks: