Data extract at day level.


Data extract at day level.

I have model calendar as week 4-4-5,4-5-4,5-4-4 and has day list with list items as Monday, Tuesday.... to sunday. So some days of last week in January are falling into February and so on. So I have to extract the data of extra days falling into february from February data. For example, last 6 days of January are falling into February. So how can I fetch data of those 6 days at day level i.e., either from Monday to saturday or tuesday to Sunday to subtract from February data and add to January data. How can I found what those days(Monday, Tuesday etc) are and how can I extract sum of data of those 6 days. I have to repeat this for every month.


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 I think @JaredDolich got you covered. Here is the article which will help you how to achieve this


Convert Values from a 445 Calendar to a Normal, Mo... - Anaplan Community





@Misbah is correct. This is a very, very popular use-case.

Click on the best practice link for converting 445 to Gregorian.

I also point out the nuances of this approach, particularly

  • How to treat the first and last month
  • How to address leap years
  • How to work with the 53rd week
  • How to determine if the year must exactly reconcile (445 is 364 days and Gregorian is 365)

Jared Dolich