Delta Load

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Delta Load


How incremental load works from any data source(other than anaplan) to data hub in anaplan?

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Re: Delta Load

In short, it doesn't


You will need to produce a file from the data source that only contains the new records

You should include a column that contains TRUE and import this as part of the data load to the hub.

Then use can use that flag to filter on the data when sending it down to spoke models



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Re: Delta Load

Can you elaborate more on your question, I assume you mean incremental load as what is newly created, what has changed since last data collection. ERPs/Source application has a creation_date, last_modified_date on the transaction tables. From the source, they can identify the incremental set of records and provide to us. On our side, if the record is new, it gets created, if it is existing, it gets updated with latest data. Anaplan's integration on complete collection (load) and incremental collection (load) is same as other applications. 


It makes sense to collect only incremental data rather complete data everyday.