Different View in NUX


Different View in NUX

Hi Community,


I am facing an issue with one of the views. The view looks fine in the source module with just one column.

However when I published it on a dashboard it got divided into two columns. I am using a view where under one month I have 3 line items.


I have tried everything. Filters, time range settings etc. Everything looks fine.

For test, I tried to publish the same view on a classic dashboard and it works absolutely fine. Same as source view.

Please help me with the same.


Thanks in advance

Source view : Module View.jpg

Target view(NUX Dashboard)                   Dashboard view.jpg

Michelle Sutherland
Certified Master Anaplanner

Are you using Module Views or Custom Views in the New UX.


If you are using Module Views try setting up the view in the NUX directly using Custom Views.


Hi Michelle!

Thanks for taking out time to reply.


I tried both. None of them worked.



Adithya S
Frequent Contributor


It works fine in New UX. Not sure what are the parameters of your filter, but try to use a saved view from the module views and see if it works fine. I just tried using a saved view and it does not behave like what you mentioned in the issue. Hope this helps.