Dynamic Time selection

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Dynamic Time selection

Trying the following:

Module A: 

Lists: Territory, Brands, Versions

Line Items: Avg


Module B:

Lists: Territory, Brand , Versions, Time, Scenarios

Line Items: VolumeA, VolumeB


I have Module A.Avg formula set as ModuleB.VolumeA[Select:Time'FY17', Select:Scenarios.S1]*..

Would like to replace time element in a dynamic way by looking up global module for my model. This time value will change based on global setting.


Appreciate any help.




Re: Dynamic Time selection

Hi gujsa,

I think you should create small module as per screen below. This module should have no timscale and one line item. Change data type for line item to Time Period and select desired scale. Now you can reference this line item in Avg formula and also put either module or only line item to dashboard to serve as selector.

YR Select.PNG




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Re: Dynamic Time selection

Thanks Ł.Szymański !

Tried your suggestion. Formula doesn't error out anymore but I dont see any data. Attached has more details.



Appreciate your help.



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Re: Dynamic Time selection

Hi Gusja01,


You can partially use the proposed solution.

You can do a lookup on a line item where a time period is selected. So instead of using [select: time period] your formula should be like this: [lookup: line item with time period]

Kind regards,
Stef Jansen in de Wal
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Re: Dynamic Time selection

Thanks s.jansenidw! That worked. 


Appreciate it,