Edit Saved View to include New Line Items


Edit Saved View to include New Line Items

Hello! I have a saved view that currently include 16 line items/columns in an exported report. In the exported report, I need to include 3 additional line items/columns, that has been added along with calculations, to the reporting module "REP005 Deferred Tax Report" (see attachments for reference). 


My questions is, how do I edit the saved view to include the additional 3 line items, so when the report is exported there will be a total of 19 line items/columns? Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated! 

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Appears to be a cross post - See https://community.anaplan.com/t5/Anaplan-Platform/Edit-Saved-View-to-include-New-Line-Items/m-p/1476... for solution and additional context.




@Tiffany.Rice is right. If you are exporting  and there is a need to update source saved view, then there are three steps you need to take


Step 1: Go to saved view, right click and select items to show , manually select the items and then save the view

Step 2: Recreate the export using the updated view

Step 3: Use the existing export name, it will replace the export automatically.


Hope that helps


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