Efficient way for handling large parent child hierarchies

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Efficient way for handling large parent child hierarchies

Hi, I am looking for an efficient way to handle undetermined parent-child hierarchies coming from an ERP system.

This is the challenge: I have about 35 local cost center hierarchies from different ERP systems, all with different number of levels, and extracted with parent-child-IDs.

How can I bring this efficiently to Anaplan?

Following the Anaplan Data Hub model, I would first transform them (externally) into level-based hierarchies, load all of them in separate lists, then recreate the views in a separate target workspace.
Beside the fact that this is quite cumbersome, it brings new questions, such as how to handle changes in the amount of hierarchy-levels year on year.

Is there a better way to do this?


Re: Efficient way for handling large parent child hierarchies



I would recommend you go through these great articles


1. Hub Model Hierarchy Management


If you are manually flattening/transforming the hierarchy, this would be an essential read. It can be done within Anaplan reducing the manual efforts that you put in transforming.


2. Data Hub - Peaks and Performance


This is about more on best practices.


Can you please share more details on how many hierarchies are you pulling from source system and what is that you are doing in transformation. What is your expected output to Anaplan? Small example can surely help.