Email Notification : Cloudworks

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Email Notification : Cloudworks

Hello Experts,


I am trying to leverage Cloudworks for automation from one Anaplan model to another Anaplan model and just wondering how can I add email ids of the team how needs to be notified on the status of the scheduled job.

Currently I get the notification as I am the owner of the integration process in Cloudworks.




@ashish.banka I am also interested in knowing the answer if there is a way 

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I can assure you currently there is no way of doing that, but it might be in cloudworks roadmap.

Its an Important feature to have so that data owners should know the statuses of integration running

You can post an idea for this in idea exchange if its not already there.




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@abhay.kanik Just got a note for @annejulie that this request is part of roadmap now. Eagerly waiting for this one. 

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Hi @annejulie, I see that this is part of the roadmap now, but the two related posts in the Idea Exchange are marked as "Your support is needed." (Cloudworks email notification to group email and Cloudworks Integration Email "Cloud works integration broken.") Could you please confirm if there is another Idea to reference, as well as whether there is an estimated implementation timeline available? Thank you! 

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I am researching Cloudworks and just read this post.  I thought there could be a couple of workarounds:

  • Use service account specifically for integrations that is a distribution list within your email system
  • Set up a mail rule to forward status emails from Cloudworks to those you need to notify.

It's a little clunky, but it would work...


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Hello, I'm pleased to inform that the ability to notify other anaplan users regarding Cloudworks' integration related statuses is now available. Please refer to the official release post: