Enable multiple source models for an app

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Enable multiple source models for an app

Hello Community Members,


We are trying to move from a multi-app set-up (Dev, Test, Prod) for our UX apps to a single app enable with multiple source models.

However, in trying to do that I realized that there's no way I can change this setting at an app level; now I end up needing to make that change in ~ 6*20 pages.

Since there is no multi-select option on the Apps->Pages either, can someone suggest a faster/more optimal way to do what I am trying to? 


Thank you!




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Hi @richbhar 

If i understood correctly you need to have dev, test and prod in single page. you dont have to create multiple pages for that. you can add in source model to enable multiple workspace in single page.

Check this https://community.anaplan.com/t5/How-To/Application-Lifecycle-Management-for-the-User-Experience/ta-...

Watch the video it will help you how to proceed.


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@richbhar - I'm not aware of a means to change the model settings for an entire App, only page by page.  The pages can operate independently of one another and it is possible that you would have entirely different models (not just modes of the same model) represented in a single App.  For example, if you could have a Page for view the Data Hub model and a different page to view the Forecasting model all within the same App.