Excel Add In 3.0 Formula Wipeout

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Excel Add In 3.0 Formula Wipeout

I've recently been having an issue with the Excel-Add In wiping out all my formulas outside of the refreshed data range. Typically when I have refreshed the tab from Anaplan I can update my anaplan filter and refresh the data without any data or formula loss as long as it's outside the range of the refreshed cells. Any idea why this may be occurring in this instance?



Definitely want to get that reported to support@anaplan.com. Can you upgrade to 4.0?

@MagaliP may have some thoughts too.

Jared Dolich
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I am sorry to hear that you have been having issues with the add-in. Please note that version 3.0 has been deprecated, you will find details here. If you contact Anaplan Support, we can assist you with the upgrade to a later version.

Magali Pelissier, Product Manager - Extensions (Excel Add-in, PowerPoint Add-in, Google Sheets Add-on)
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