Excel Add-in


Excel Add-in

hi, does anyone know if the Excel and Powerpoint add-ins are supported on Microsoft Office ProPlus 2016? Our company are going to be rolling this out soon, and we were asked to check if there would be any issues with add-ins.

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Re: Excel Add-in

Hi Andrew,


All the details about the versions of Excel and Powerpoint which work with the Anaplan add-ins can be found in these links:


Excel Add-in: Installation & Setup

PowerPoint Add-in: Installation & Setup


At the moment the add-in works with Microsoft Office 2016 (PC only). I'm not sure if this is the same version as the one you are looking at but this is latest one that we support.




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Re: Excel Add-in

Great, Thanks!    The excel Add-in is a less known feature in our region and we have many requests for this especially when comparing with other competitive products. 

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