Export dashboard table to excel

Will Man
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Export dashboard table to excel

Is it possible to export a dashboard to excel? currently when i am in dashboard , i click export , it will only allow me to export as .pdf. 


Is there some change i need to make or is Anaplan just dont have that function?


Many thanks


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Re: Export dashboard table to excel

Hi @Will Man,


indeed you can export dashboard to PDF. However you can export the grids on your dashboards to different formats xlsx, csv, txt..


Go to the module you want to export, choose data and export.


Re: Export dashboard table to excel

@Will Man 


If you are trying to export the dashboard then there is only one option i.e, pdf because it is helpful only when you want to showcase the entire dashboard (look and feel) in your presentations


But if you are trying to export the report/grid that is published on the dashboard then there are multiple ways you can do that


1. Go to the the dashboard grid and click on the blue icon on the top left side and follow the instructions and hit export. Note: If you do not see this Data->Export Navigation then you may want to go Dashboard Designer mode and enable it- See Screenshot III




2. You can also export the dashboard grid thru excel add in. Download and Install Anaplan Excel Add in. Login to Excel add in and create a connection between the source module and excel and extract the data.All the data will directly get dumped into excel


Hope that helps