Exporting Revision Tag details in excel

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Exporting Revision Tag details in excel

Hi there,

Just wondering if there is an option of exporting Revision Tag details in Excel or other formats?

I am trying to get all revision tags exported in excel for detailed documentation purposes.



BR, Sam
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Re: Export user list without Workspace Admin tick


as far as I know, you cannot execute the import/export of the user list if you aren't a workspace admin (don't think anaplan connect can).


However, what we do a lot is that a model has its own list of user (as a regular list). That list is used to set the roles & selective access and then exported to the user list of the model (that has to be done by a workspace admin). The non-workspace admin can then see the users, set the rights etc. They just need a workspace admin to effectively apply them.


Not perfect, but it's a start...

Nathan Rudman, Anaplan Model Builder