File Import Error: No Value Loader exists for this type: NONE


File Import Error: No Value Loader exists for this type: NONE

Hi Everyone, I am facing a issue which is: My source is: .csv file Target is: Module (Importing into 8 line items)

Line Items:         Format

Lift%                  Number

Volume Status   List formatted

Activity Type      List formatted

Activity Cost      Number

Display Type     Text

Display Cost     Number

$/unit                Number

Select Scenario Boolean


The file format & everything is correct. But when i am running the process, i get this error " No value loader exists for this type'. I guess the issue is because of Volume Status Line item, as in this line item "Write Access Driver is being used" i.e. Dynamic Cell Access.


I am aware that few days back there was a post on the same. But i would like to get some solution for the same.




Regards, Ankur Sonthalia.




Have you specified both read and write access drivers in your DCA selection for the line item or only the write access. Try specifying both and see if you get the desired result.




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Hi Ankur,


Please refer to this post for your issue:


Hope it helps.




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Hi Ankur,

You are loading data into some read access cell, if target is read acces you will get this error.
Give yourself write access to ALL and try it.

~Vignesh M
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Hi @Ankur.Sonthalia 


I had been facing the same issue and the only thing that seems to work is 

1. Specify a read access driver also if you are using a write access driver.

2. Make sure that there is no case in which your target value is invisible, one good way is to make a read driver as "NOT" of write Driver.

Thanks and Regards

Aakash Sachdeva