Filtering/Formula based Complexity

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Filtering/Formula based Complexity


Had a query that i have been stuck on: - 

I have a module dimensioned by Projects, a List with serial numbers 1-10, list formatted Line item (Project Phase). 

Ask is, Projects dimensioned as row headers, Serial Numbers 1-10 as columns, Project phase/ Line Item as selector. End User can select a particular phase of the project and the table will only show projects of that phase while collapsing the others.

I tried bringing in a filter module, dimensioned by Phase, then referred the end user selection to the above module using look up attribute ? But it doesn't give the result, the system doesnt allow me to apply the said filter and while applying the filter i'm asked to either select a specific Project or specific Serial Number in the filter. 

Can someone help me with this or is there an alternative or better approach to this issue, thanks in advance



I believe your friend "ANY" function will be your best choice! Use your system modules for each list to set the Boolean filter condition.

Here's a module with no dimensions that allows me to pick the stage I'm interested in.


Then I add a Boolean in the grid you designed above. Since I don't know what the purpose of the sequential numbers are I just show you that you can set up the conditions to either filter the sequential numbers, the projects, or both.







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Hi Jared, this would work but problem is I would be needing to include "users" as a dimension as well. So the selection module foe the end user would be dimensioned by 'USERS" and then the selection of an individual user would be then used to filter the Module which does not have users as a dimension. Thats where the complexity arises.

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Hi @Sachinsourav02 ,

If you have not read this good article yet, you might want to read this.
I will be glad to explain when further information is needed.