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Hi there,

I am struggling with how to create a specific filter in Anaplan. Below i have attatched a picture of the filter i am trying to implement in Anaplan from excel. I have a module named IELR and want to create a new module where i can filter each IELR to get the corresponding value i have entered in the IELR module. Excuse the blank ink over the values.

Screenshot (77)_LI.jpgScreenshot (74).png

Any help would be greatly appreciated!



Instead of a filter you can just use a LOOKUP function.

You should have a system module for the IELR list, say "SYS01 IELR" which contains the properties you want to reference, like the IELR % or the IELR Ratio. 

In your transaction module you will have a line item formatted as IELR list so you can use the dropdown like you have in your spreadsheet. "Select IELR", for example.

Use the LOOKUP function to obtain the percentages. For example 'SYS01 IELR'.'IELR &'[LOOKUP: Transaction Module.Select IELR]

Jared Dolich
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Yes, What Jared Suggested would work very well in this situation. One System Module which will have the raito's etc and the target module where after the user selects you will use that as the Vlookup to get the ratio/percentage and do the further calculations. This will make it Dynamic.