Formatting requirement on Dashboard

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Formatting requirement on Dashboard

Hi, I have a requirement where users want to have ability to add space line in rows for formatting purpose.  I tried to use header formatting, add special character lineitem (such as --------) to do so... But none of them is accceptable by users. Second requirement is color in the list member. I tried to use conditional formating but users want to have color in list member (label/master data) also.   Is there any improvment in near future on product roadmap that can let us to do these formatting requirement? Thanks a lot, Huy.

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Hi Huy For now I do not see any option but we can try using Excel or PPT Addin and see if it helps, Addins are still in their primitive stages though.
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You can't have blank line items, or even line items with leading spaces in their names. All you can do is give them almost-blank names like . or - (i.e. a full stop or a hyphen). There's also no way to change the colour of the line items names. Conditional formatting only works on cells with data in them (i.e. in the body of a table). Sorry.
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Hi Huy,


i know that "#------#" will work as a list item name.


Here is an example of a dashboard I mocked up to show hierarchical spacing.  It required the creation of a mirror list, and a mapping between the mirrors.  I'll illustrate:


1) Create a mirror List

2) Establish a list property linking the mirror to the original list

3) Execute a formula using the LOOKUP function