Formula for a specific cell

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Formula for a specific cell



I have a module with 2 lists: currency (Local and GBP) and list item e.g. Expense. I input data into Local and Expense cell e.g. 1000. I want to calculate GBP amount of that 1000, by multiplying number in Local cell with FX rate.  How do I write formula for the GBP cell?  I find that I can only write formula for the Line Item.






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Re: Formula for a specific cell

Hi Andre,


I would suggest that you build the following:

1. Module "Conversion rate" + Line item "Value" + List "Currency, Time"


2. Module "Overhead Cost Input" + Line Item "IT Expenses" + List "Time"

Note: Currency is left out, so we're assuming this is an input module referring to Local Currency.


3. Module "Overhead Cost Report" + Line Item "Rate, IT Expenses" + List "Currency, Time"

Note: Rate = if item(Currency) = Currency.Local Currency then 1 else 1/Conversion Rate.Value.

          I'm assuming GBP = Local Currency / Conversion Rate

Note: IT Expenses = Rate * Overhead Cost Input.IT Expenses


The above setup allows you to use "Overhead Cost Input" for all your local currency input, while "Overhead Cost Report" allows you to switch between "Local Currency" or any other "Currency".




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Re: Formula for a specific cell

Thanks LipChean!