Hide Blank Rows


Hide Blank Rows



I have a module in which few rows have blank value with changing parameter.

Can i put some formula or any way in which only the rows which are non blank will be displayed irrespective of there changing parameter?

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Re: Hide Blank Rows



I've only run into a few cases where I couldn't figure out how to do this...  Here are some ideas:


  • If the rows you want to show/hide are line items, then apply a filter to the line item to (for example) only show where not equal to zero, or not blank.
  • If the rows are list items, and the line item is in page items, then the line item can still be filtered for non-zero or non-blank items.


If the parameter you are changing is in another line item (or a line item in another module)... then the filtering mechanism to hide/show rows will require a refresh of the dashboard/module in order to update what is being hidden/shown.  Usually, we're talking about a module that's been published to a dashboard... in this case, add a button to the dashboard that is an Open Dashboard action (opening the same dashboard).  this has the effect of refreshing the dashboard.  I usually name this button "Refresh Filters" or something.


Let me know if this helps

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Re: Hide Blank Rows



"If the rows are list items, and the line item is in page items, then the line item can still be filtered for non-zero or non-blank items"


can you specify how to set the filter. It seems it is mandatory to define the filter in every relevant list item used in the module. I conclude it is not possible to set a zero surpress filter which is dynamic to my actual list item selection?


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Re: Hide Blank Rows



If I am understanding you correctly, I believe you can get the results you are looking for in the below.


I have created a module with the line items in the Page with a list in the rows.  Notice, every other row is blank or zero.



Create a filter within this module or preferrably in another module which is only dimensioned by the List.  Also, just to note, I have Time All Periods turned on in my Time settings.  Create a line item called Filter with the format being a boolean having following formula: Data[SELECT: TIME.All Periods] <> 0.  Set the summary method to ANY.



By removing Time from this line item, the filter will not be hardcoded to a specific Time member.  Define the filter as such:2019-01-31_11-14-56.png


By applying the filter, the data now looks like the following:2019-01-31_11-15-14.png


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