Hierarchies with numbered lists

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Re: Hierarchies with numbered lists

The discussion did get a little sidetracked, I was covering more general points as the options had already been covered above

But you are correct, you can't bring data in from outside and expect it to match codes you've created internally in the data hub, so all you can do is try and bring in all the data first and then create all of the codes for the downstream models.  It might be better to bring in the lower levels and then generate codes for the parents.  Bringing in a flat list of the ultimate child should give you enough information to create the structures above, rather than the traditional top down


Again, this is why it is so, so important to get the code done in the source.  Personally I do not think this is too much to ask for.  When exporting data from Anaplan, often the format is prescriptive, the same should apply to bringing in the data.  We know what format we want and this should be passed to the source owner to provide