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How to clear data from a module

Can any one suggest what is easy way (or all available options ) to clear the data present in exising module.

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RE: How to clear data from a module

1. To reset all the data to the default value for each line item's type, you can perform an import from the module to itself with a cleared out manual map on at least one dimension, and the "clear target prior to import" flag checked. 2. If there are not many line items you can manually set a required value as a formula for each line item in the blueprint. When you remove the formula, the value will be retained as data.
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RE: How to clear data from a module

Hi,  If you want to do that clearing frequently, the easiest way is to create a similar module with exact line items and dimensions and write "blank" formula for all line items and then do the import from new module to existing module. Whenever you want this clearing to happen in the future you can just run the import action item.  Thanks 
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RE: How to clear data from a module

Hi You can get into blue print mode and copy the existing formulas of line items to excel, then change all the formulas cells value to "0" and then copy back all the fomulas to line items, this is the easiest way I have found




Leo response to this is better way, have the line item with format "No Data" and then import it back to clear

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Re: How to clear data from a module

The most efficient way I have found is as follows :-
Create a copy of the "To be cleared" module and call it "Clearing" module.
In the "Clearing" module keep only the first Line Item (LineItem1).
Set the Format for LineItem1 to "No Data".
Then from the "To be cleared" module Create a data import using "Clearing" module as the Anaplan source.
Within the Mapping tab select "Clear Target Prior to import"
Within each of the other dimension/hierarchy tabs on the import select the option to clear All Items

Run the import.

The result is the "Clearing module" takes up zero cells of space and the "To be cleared" module is flushed out for all data.