How to delete the account?

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How to delete the account?

Caught up in all the hype around the growing possibilities around the software suite I thought o trying it out. The way this could help a learner like me was to dive deep into the certification path and start making a model for the union candy company, lol. I did understand what was required of me before making such a model but the credential requirments stumped me and I had to ask my sister for the same, to find out it's not accessibel for everyone. A fairly technical job seeker was taken a little aback and thought I'd delete my account. Afterall it's the decent thing to do, always. Turns out, I can't get to the settings! Is there an auto deletion setting internally, maybe. I'll leave now. Thought, i'll write about it, the next best thing. 


Re: How to delete the account?

Don't give up @anaplanlearn90 !!

You can apply for a 90 day trial that you can use to complete your certifications. Any issues, send an email to

Hope you give it another try, it's worth it. Follow your initial intuition about Anaplan. You won't regret it.

Jared Dolich