How to set default value for list item



Can I set a default value for a list?

I have a list of calendars.

For example, if the current date is February 1, 2020,

I would like to display February 2020 in advance.


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Re: How to set default value for list item


Yes, it is possible to set a default time period based on another value.

If you have not already created a series of time property modules this would be the best time to do so.

We can use a a boolean formatted filter to set our default. 

The first time property module required covers the current time periods. 

Create a new module but do not add any dimensions, remove time and only include the following line items.


Name of Module - Current Time Properties

1. Name - Current Period, Format - Time Period Months, Formula - PERIOD(CURRENTPERIODEND())


Create a second module but this time keep time as a dimension ( formatted to months ) and add the following line items.


Name of Module - Month Time Properties

1. Name - Current Period Filter, Format - Boolean, Formula - Current Time Properties.Current Period


The second module can now be used to filter any view in which you wish to only show the current period. Filters and be used to filter both page selectors and girds. 


Property modules can be invaluable when you need to filter and/or map across multiple dimensions be it time, lists or versions.


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Re: How to set default value for list item

Hi @takushimozuru,


I am proposing 2 suggestion for your question.


Step 1. Displaying only current month

Lets say out current period as  "Mar 20"Capture.JPG


Step 2: I am retrieving current date (If you want to write a formula you can or you can select the date)




Step 3 : i am writing logic to filter current month, current and past month and current and future month




Step 4 : You can apply this filter to your main module.





Sorna Raja Prabhu

Sorna Raja Prabhu