Intergration - RDBM to Anaplan


Intergration - RDBM to Anaplan

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Can anyone share, how we can pull and push the data from RDBMS to Anaplan. What will be the impact on performance ?


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The simplest way to achieve this is Anaplan Connect - Anaplan Connect - Anaplan Technical Documentation
This is a set of scripts and a Java program that can run on Windows or Linux.
It utilizes a JDBC connection to facilitate communication between Anaplan and a RDBM.
The link above has enough info to get started, but we also have this training course:
Anaplan Connect - Data from a JDBC Database - Anaplan Community

The impact on performance, to Anaplan is the same as any import or export, it will block data writes as they are being performed. The export will block less, it only needs to block as it reads data.
We also have an API that you could use with other software or code you write, so this could be used with an RDBM that way.
A third option is through some of the third-party data integration options which allow for database connections.
Here's a link to the overview on all data Integration in case you haven't found it yet:
Data integration - Anaplan Technical Documentation