Issue in creating Asymmetric view

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Issue in creating Asymmetric view

I have 3 lists :

1 - L3 Project

2 - Project Name 

3 - Project Manager.


I want to create a module with Dimensions - L3 Project, Time and Lineitems (or Line item subset) to show project name and Project Manager along with L3 Project without time whereas the line items (Cost, Revenue, Invoice) are with time.



Any suggestions ?






Re: Issue in creating Asymmetric view



Create a LIS.

Use LIS, Project and Time as a dimension in your module.Line items & Time in columns, LIS in Pages and Projects in Rows

Create one Line item (L1 )to fetch the data and two more line items (L2 & L3) to get the parents of the projects

Keep only Project as a dimension in latter two line items (making these as subsidiary views)

Use Hide or Show on L2 & L3 line items to create a desired view.


Note: This is not at all scalable because as and when new year gets added to the timescale your view needs to be modified and send to the Production environment.