LVL 2 DEM03 Override? formula


LVL 2 DEM03 Override? formula

Hi Team,

Inserting formula for a boolean line item as:


IF Override? THEN Final Forecast = Override Forecast ELSE Final Forecast = Initial Demand Forecast


Error is throwing as "Circular references:Override?" What am i doing wrong? please help.






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Re: LVL 2 DEM03 Override? formula

Hi Kunal,


Override Line Item is a driver that indicates whether to take Initial Demand Forecast Value or Override Forecast Value and it is a manual input by end-user, not formula driven. Based on it the Final Forecast Value Line item will give the result


Write the formula in Final Forecast line item,

If Override is true, then take value from the Override Forecast Value line item else take it from the Initial Demand Forecast Value.


~Vignesh M 


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Re: LVL 2 DEM03 Override? formula


Hi Vignesh,


I was looking for the solution for the same question too. My formula for DEM03 final forecast is IF Override? THEN Override Forecast ELSE Initial Demand Forecast


The data appears to be correct in the module, but when I copy this formula to the sprint 2 exam it is wrong. Would you please give some more advice? 


I really appreciate it if you can help with this question.