Landing Dashboard on New UX

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Landing Dashboard on New UX



Can we create a landing board/page on new UX where we can have other pages linked (button) for a user can directly jump to? Similar to what we have as 'Landing Dashboard' on old UX.

Do let me know if we have any alternatives to achieve this.




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Hi Girik,

The Apps section itself works as a landing dashboard. Any specific reason, you want to have links inside of a page instead?



Currently there is no way you can achieve that but I believe there is already an idea on idea exchange forum that was posted to have this functionality. Please upvote the idea, I also feel we should have such feature in NUX.


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In the NUX, the URL is specific to that particular page, so the end-user could create a bookmark to a specific page that would then act as the landing page to the rest of the model. 


In Classic UX, you could find the Workspace ID and Model ID in the URL.

In NUX you can find the App ID, and the Board or Worksheet ID in the URL.


If you are not logged into Anaplan it will first direct you to login, and then will take you directly to the specific board or worksheet that your URL specifies. 


Doesn't get you exactly what you are looking for, but is a workaround that I have used. 

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