Level 2 Sprint 2 Selective Access Knowledge Check

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Level 2 Sprint 2 Selective Access Knowledge Check



In the video training it says that the Read access is more restrictive (see attached docx). So, if you have Chocolates in the Product Family for Write and All Products as Read, you can only Read Chocolates Product Family. It did not make sense to me as logically the Chocolate permission should take precedence over the All Products permission; otherwise security maintenance will be a nightmare. Anyway, I did a test (see the PNG file) and I can still maintain the Chocolate growth% even though I have All Products set to  Read. So, I think I am not understanding the video knowledge check information. Please can you explain why I cannot replicate what the knowlege check has described.


Thank you.

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Hi @cbeh ,


Even though the L2-training is now 1 year in use, there are still some errors in them. In my point of view you are right. Also note that the second solution would prevent users from being able to view/read the total value for all products.


Best thing to do is to flag this to Academy@Anaplan.com.


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Hi Maarten,

Thank you for the feedback I will let Academy@Anaplan.com know.

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Hello @cbeh 

As @MaartenGijbels this is an example of "not accurate" information.
The configuration you had (Chocolate - Write, All - Read) will produce the desired outcome allowing the user to view all Product Families but be able to only edit/change chocolate. 
So Ignore what is said in the dialogue box. I believe they want you to remove Chocolate from the Read access. If you do, you will get the exact desired results.

I advise you to send your message to Academy@anaplan.com and alert them to the issue. 


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Hi Einas,


Yes, what you said is correct. I will send to Academy@Anaplan.com and let them know. 


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