Level 3 Model Building Sprint 1

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Level 3 Model Building Sprint 1



1- After creating my SYS14 Create Account>Product system module in the Data Hub, I had this first structure attached:

Should I display in the product code the "code to use" from Product Details, or the combined code Account-product?


2- Also, can you please help me having some details about this topic:

4.6.4 Sales Planning Model: A2 List

In the Sales Planning model: 

Import data from the Data Hub model to populate the A2 Account>Product# list

  • For each list item (Product name) include the Account (parent), combined Account_Product code, and display name from the Product Flat list

knowing that in the sales planning model we have this structure (attached) of the list A2 Account>Product#.

Should I create another model into the sales planning to load data from the data hub (from SYS14 Create Account>Product ) to populate my list A2 Account>Product# or import data into the list directly? 


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Re: Level 3 Model Building Sprint 1

Hello hayfa.benslima@viseo.com 


congratulations on reaching level 3. The community is always here to help.
Level 3 though is designed so that the Anaplanner complete it on their own without seeking technical help.  You may ask business and clarifying questions on any of the the 3 groups listed in the training material for each sprint. 
To be in compliance with the Academy rules and guidelines, I suggest you delete this post. 
instead, if you have a general issue about a general concept or need some clarifications or to bounce ideas, we will be here to help.


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