Level 3 technical examination


Level 3 technical examination

Hi everyone, I was undergoing my level 3 examinations of which I have completed my model building Knowledge exam successfully. However, on the technical examination, I am not getting any answer correct, despite some of the questions being straight forward and can even be picked up from the excel dump provided. (Not that I'm using that for answering the questions) I did try to cross verify the answer I got via the model built to that with what the excel says.


I wanted to check if there is format error in how I am typing in the figures. Like the first question which looks to get the actual sales revenue for Chocolate Product in Canada Q1 FY20. Can anyone help me with the way I should be typing in my answer (whole number, decimal places etc). Thanks

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Re: Level 3 technical examination

Hi @Sachinsourav02!

As I recall, the question explicitly mentions integer (whole) input.

It is also important to follow the formats when loading data for the exam (periods, commas, separators).