Limitations of the number of lists in rows while crating module


Limitations of the number of lists in rows while crating module

Hi Guru's,


I would like to add more than 3 lists in row section while creating the module but it is not allowing me to do so,

I know page section but still i would like to add around 20 attr

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Hi @CommunityMember128217,


Yes this is a limitation.

We can't add more than 3 lists in rows or columns.


Read this page to understand more about dimensions:






Sorna Raja Prabhu

Sorna Raja Prabhu



Can you please share your requirement why you need these many dimension in row section.


If possible create a combine list and use the list into the module.





Hi Pramod,


I am doing performance test, hence i created randomly 20-30 column(mostly they are independent) in excel, created same number lists and want to add in module in rows, Page option does not suits for my test.

I want to keep around 20 in rows and rest in page then execute dashboard on top of the module.






As of today you can't have more than 3 nested dimensions rightly said by @prabhu . However that shouldn't stop you from having as many attributes of any list in reporting module as possible. If you really need the attributes for reporting or for exporting purpose you should have system modules ready to get the attributes.


Why would you want to add more dimensions in rows to get the attributes. Can you please share the exact requirement.

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Hi @CommunityMember128217 

I had the same questions/ concerned raised by @Misbah . Please share the requirements as @parmod.kumar2 suggested.
Sometimes we get stuck on implementing one way while there are other simpler ways.

Also, please keep in mind usability. Having 2 nested lists is already too much and goes against Anaplan's goal of providing the data to the users in small chunks that would allow them to make a decision.

Unless you need the data to be organized that way to create an export to be automatically loaded into your transactional system for example then I'd suggest rethinking the design.

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Hi Misbah,


Thanks for your response, my requirement  I have replied in this thread.




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Currently you can put up to three dimensions at each axis. But there is a small life hack how to bring more than 3.



You have to drag the selected list to the small section (even to a very corner) which is marked red



One small disclaimer i agree with@Misbah and @einas.ibrahim  that additional dimensions can cause possible performance issues, so keep that in mind.

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You can create numbered lists if a list item's source identifier exceeds 60 characters. For example, use a numbered list if products contain large SKUs. You can also use the Create, Assign, Delete Branch, and Copy Branch actions with numbered lists.


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