Line item to generate date system date based on the boolean selected

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Line item to generate date system date based on the boolean selected

Hi All,


This is the first time i am here. I am looking for the solution to the below problem.


1. I wanted to generate a date based on the boolean checked which will be used for freezing my values. 

For example: If i have checked boolean on Nov 28, all the values post 28th should be freezed. For achieving this i came up with an approach of creating another line item for date. Therefore based on the date that boolean has been applied, my values will get freezed. 

So my requirement now is to see the date on which boolean was checked.

If any user checks the value post nov 28th still the future values will be shown as the values on nov 28th.


Please let me know if there is any other approach as well. 

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Hello, I think it would be great to see more examles of your case to understand why you might need it. But I could share my general thoughts about approach:
I think it is not feasible to auto-populate date formated lineitem with system time once anyone clicked the checkbox. (unless you could leverage that with sophisicated integration job using Anaplan Connect or something)
But you could ask users to fill the date field by themselves and then trigger DCA rule which will block the "Conditional" line items with input filled fields to be read only. Then based on this input you could set up additional DCA rule which will block your grids of the major inputs.
Happy to followup if you provide more details and feedback
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Hi Nikolay,


My use case is as below.


Users will check the freeze boolean option and based on that boolean selected future forecast values should be freezed. New data ingestions or changes of any other factors should not change the freezed forecast values.


So, i came up with an approach where if the user checks the boolean an automated date should be generated, suppose say if user has checked the boolean on Nov 14th, then the forecast should remain same as on Nov 14th, irrespective of new ingested values and other calculating factors. 


Hope this helps.


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@nikolay_denisov is right. We don't have a function, yet (coming soon though), that will let you know dynamically what the system date is. For now, all you can do is import the date daily. Here's a handy How-To document that will help you with that - uses AnaplanConnect or Python.

Another popular option is to do exactly as @nikolay_denisov mentioned which is to use DCA. Use your time system module for Day for that. Create a Boolean that checks the date selected. If true then lock the values, if false keep them editable. Works great - one of my favorite Anaplan features actually.

User selects the date or the Boolean that checks the current date:



Filters are used for DCA based on that date.




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