Login Password Expiry


Login Password Expiry

Is anyone else experiencing this?


I've had a few users where they are getting a message on login saying the email and password combination is not correct, but they are sure they have put their details in correctly (it also happened to me). I feel this message is actually appearing when the platform triggers the old "password has expired", but the message is not obvious and is confusing to my users who attempt multiple logins before getting in touch. Has anyone seen an actual "password has expired" message since the June change to login screen?

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@Scorina This is interesting. I haven't experienced this with my user base. Although most of my user base are SSO enabled, but few are "exceptional" users and they never complained about this. I would raise a support ticket at support@anaplan.com to get more details about the issue.



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Hi @Scorina 


I / My team have been experiencing this issue. Since the changes to the log in page a short while ago, the message for password expiry is not showing when passwords elapse. Instead users are seeing the error message you mentioned but getting no additional information or guidance from the platform login screen. We are having to advise all our users when this happens that it just means they need to change their password, but it is causing some confusion and additional work.


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It's happening to me at the moment, have requested a password reset. Will see how that goes





.It works now