Looking for some career ideas

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Looking for some career ideas

Hello Everyone,


Hope You all are doing great !

I am not sure if this is a right place to ask about the Jobs or not. But just want to get some ideas. Where should I look for Anaplan related jobs.


In terms of exploring myself In Anaplan too, I am looking for an opportunity to work with Anaplan.

I am new to Anaplan, but yes I have some experience in TM1. My base location is Bangalore, India.  Kindly help me finding a job, or where can look for the Anaplan jobs/Trainee. I can start as a Trainee also.

Thanks n Regdrs.


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Re: Looking for some career ideas

Hello @Fresherslive 

If you are in the same region as @Bhumi then reach out to @Misbah , Actually, reach out to him anyway, he is awesome.

You haven't mentioned much about where you are in your Anaplan Journey and training, That would be helpful to direct you. take advantage of the Anaplan training and at least obtain your Model builder certification. read the various articles and best practices available in the community and look into other models - for example from the App Hub and try to reverse engineer them or at least learn how they were made.
Take advantage of the Available Talent group in the Community.

Best of luck

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