Making the same Line Item both Editable and Formula Driven

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Making the same Line Item both Editable and Formula Driven


I was wondering if there is a way to make the same LI editable and formula-driven at the same time. 

Assume that I have a module with a dimension D and line item L. Now the Line Item L is a list formatted dropdown of list P.

P is a property of dimension D, which is defined for certain items of list D but not all (say defined for D1 and D2 but not for D3; D1, D2, D3 being list items of D).  


I want a line item, which picks up the pre-defined property value from P wherever it is present basis a formula, but lets the user select from the dropdown where no property is defined. I want to do this in one LI only. 




Short answer, No. This can not be done in one line item. You will have to create another line item which takes the predefined values as well as values from Input line item.

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Yeah, I think that is the only option then. Wanted to confirm if someone had something else.

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I agree with @Misbah a few extra line items will be able to achieve what you are trying to do.