Mapping Period/Date line item into module with Time Dimension


Mapping Period/Date line item into module with Time Dimension

Hi all,

I'm stuck on something that seems like it should be relatively easy. 

I have a systems module that is used for mapping and is not dimensioned by time. I'm able to infer a month period/date based on the name of a line item value in this module. This is a 1:1 relationship, for each line item value in this model there is a corresponding month. 

I'd like to map one of the line items to another module that is only dimensioned by time. I thought I could do this with a simple LOOKUP on the period formatted line item in the source module, but it doesn't seem to work. 

The source module Line Item is formatted as a month period. The target module time scale is month based.

Any advice is appreciated.

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Hi brookec,

Create a line item subset in your source module. Add all the line items that you want to map to this LIS. Create a third module, dimensioned by the LIS and one line item formatted by the time scale. Write a formula in this line item to do the mapping between the 2 modules

Let me know if this works

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Hello Anirudh, could you give an example of what that formula would look like? We're also trying to convert line items for month (e.g. Mar 2022) to Time Periods, this post is the closest we've seen to a solution so far.

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Hey, sorry, I'm checking back here after a really long time! Let me know if you still need help!